Top 10 Health Conditions That Benefit Employers

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health conditions that benefit

Health insurance policies are meant to cover a variety of medical conditions. But, as the cost of healthcare continues to rise, employers are looking for ways to cut costs. To help them do this, they asked 500 employers about the 10 health conditions that benefit their companies the most. Of these, 10 conditions came out on top. This includes high cholesterol and diabetes, both of which have significant financial impact on an individual. Another condition that ranked highly was hypertension, which has dropped by 1% since 2015.

Regular Exercise Can Reduce The Risk Of Developing Many Types Of Chronic Diseases

In the World Health Organization definition, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Those who practice physical fitness have improved the functioning of their respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems. They also have a healthier body composition, which improves their quality of life. People with mental illnesses are more likely to use drugs. The combination of poor mental health and physical fitness can have serious consequences. In addition, drug abuse and unhealthy lifestyle habits are linked to poor health.

Chronic diseases are one of the leading causes of death and disability in Canada. Lifestyle changes such as eating healthy foods and becoming more physically active can reduce your risk of contracting any of these diseases. A healthy diet is also linked to a lower risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer. Finally, smoking is a leading cause of chronic lung diseases and is a significant risk factor for many other health problems. Even if you do not smoke, regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing many types of chronic diseases, including cancer.