Turf Campbelltown – New York’s Natural Park

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turf campbelltown

The Central Park is one of the most visited tourist attractions of New York, and is home to a lot of well known attractions such as the Adelphi Museum of Art and the Campbell’s Gallery. But if you are looking for a more unusual sight, then visit Turf Campbelltown, a playground that takes inspiration from the natural beauty of Central Park. Here, families can have hours of fun running through a mix of terrain resembling those found in Central Park, while taking in the rich history of the area at the same time.

How to Know Turf Campbelltown – New York’s Natural Park

The Central Park is host to two public parks: the playground at the foot of Washington Square Park and the botanical gardens located on the nearby Manhattan Island. Both of these venues are located near the Central Park – the former is designed to look like the nearby towers of Manhattan Island, while the latter features grassy expanses and wooded trails ideal for strolling through nature. But what really makes Turf Campbelltown unique is its hills. The hills of the park were formed due to geological factors, and thus, it was necessary to recreate them using turf that looks like the greenery of Central Park.

If you are looking to explore the natural beauty of Central Park, then consider a visit to Turf Campbelltown, New York. Located between the Queens Plaza Center and the Broadway Bridge, this outdoor attraction is perfect for both the whole family and kids. Not only do the Turf Campbelltown attractions offer fun activities, food stalls and shops for refreshments and other sundries, but also have a relaxing indoor swimming pool and a gym. A playground complete with a rock wall, sandstone tiles and climbing surfaces makes the place more interesting, and the whole place is surrounded by beautiful scenery that could not be seen anywhere else. With a variety of turf parks in New York, this location is sure to satisfy all outdoor sports enthusiasts.